The Best Speech Therapy Activities & Ideas on the Planet

The Best Speech Therapy Activities
& Ideas on the Planet

If you're looking for fresh and new speech therapy ideas...

...then look no further.

We have created (and will continue to create) therapy activities and ideas that are original, fun, and engaging for you and your kids.

Many ideas come with free downloads, the occasional video, and all of them include multiple ways to improve speech and language skills. 

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Anytime Activities

8 Speech Therapy Activities Using Multi-syllabic Words

Whether you are addressing fluency, articulation, apraxia or phonological awareness, multi-syllabic words are a staple in our daily activities.

Unique Speech Therapy Activities Using Flashcards

Whether or not you’re a pro at planning activities using flashcards, these unique activities will get your creative juices flowing.

The Sensational S Sound - Therapy Activities for Every Level

Any speech therapist working in the schools will most likely have a slew of students with the /s/ sound. That sentence alone had 10 /s/'s in it!

Speech Therapy Activities
for the L Sound

You'll enjoy these loveable, loony, lively, laugh-inducing /L/ activities!

Ravishing, Radiant "R" - Articulation Games for the R Sound

These articulation games for the /r/ sound will be a quick resource for you to use the next time you need ideas for eliciting it.

Speech Therapy Activities for the Vocalic R Sound

Vocalic R can be a tricky sound to teach, but these activities and related resources will be a great reference for now and the future!

Speech Therapy Activities
for the CH Sound

Looking for speech therapy activities for the CH sound? These activities will have your students chatting and cheering!

Speech Therapy Activities
for the SH Sound

These speech therapy activities for the SH sound are sure to sharpen your students "SHkills" ;) Of course all of them can be adapted based on the level of the child.

Speech Therapy Activities for the Voiced TH Sound

These activities will help your clients better understand the difference between voice "on" and voice "off".

Speech Therapy Activities for the Voiceless TH Sound

Voiceless /th/ can be a persistent speech problem, but the great news is it’s a pretty easy articulation error to fix!

5 Articulation Games Using Everyday Objects

5 quick articulation games you can play with your articulation students to elicit maximum productions while still having fun.

Tiny Objects for Articulation

This is an activity that targets articulation development. Each phoneme has a set of miniatures to use for articulation practice. This game is flexible!

Farm Themed Speech Therapy Activities

These farm themed speech therapy activities will have you sewing mental crops by the acre.

Using Stories in Speech Therapy:
9 Creative Ways

Who doesn't love a good story? We share them around campfires, in the car, in the line at the grocery store, at dinner...the list goes on. Stories are an integral part of any type of speech therapy.

Five Tips for Targeting Multiple Meaning Words

Did you know there are multiple types of multiple meaning words? Start first by explaining what a multiple meaning word is!

4 Multiple Meaning Word Activities for Speech Therapy

Many children with language delays have difficulty understanding words with multiple meanings.

9 Engaging Ways to Use Stories in Speech Therapy

When using stories in speech therapy the possibilities are endless! Use these 9 engaging therapy activities to incorporate stories into your next session.

Hollie's Code to Successful Speech Therapy

During an imitated picture naming activity that almost went wrong, I wrote down my strategies or “code” that I follow to have my best therapy sessions ever.

Twenty 5-Minute Speech Therapy Activities You Can Do at Home

Research shows that shorter, more frequent sessions are more effective for learning and retention than longer, less frequent sessions.

10 More Creative Ways to Use Stories in Speech Therapy

Due to the positive response to a previous post about using stories in therapy, we created these additional activities.

6 Phonological Process Activities for Speech Therapy

Whether you are a parent or speech therapist these activities will help your child or students who struggle with phonological processing errors.

Speech Therapy Activities for WH Questions

Fresh therapy activities for WH Questions are perfect for speech therapy classes, after all, what SLP doesn’t have students with WH Question goals?

Conversation Starter Activities for Speech Therapy

Not to be confused with pick up lines you might use on the dating scene, these activity ideas will help start conversation with kids and students.

Houston We Have a Problem! Activities for Problem Solving

For effective problem solving therapy, you must start thinking from the student’s perspective.

Things that Go Zoom! Activities for Receptive & Expressive Language

Kids of all ages love things that go ZOOM! Here are some speech therapy activities that will get their wheels spinning.

Following Directions Activities that Anyone Can Learn From

These following directions activities let you ask kids to both do as you say and do as you do.

Tactile and Kinesthetic Ways to Teach Letters

Most students will stay engaged, focused and happy the whole session through if you give them the opportunity to move and touch in the therapy room.

Using YouTube Videos to Spice Up Language Therapy

There are so many videos to choose from that make wonderful language activities you and your students will never get bored.

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Let's Get Moving! Activities for Outside

Here are some fun activities to get students motivated and learning OUTSIDE of your room.

Meet the Words

To learn new words and new information through interesting conversation while targeting articulation errors, language concepts, or fluent speech strategies, etc.

3 Activities for Getting to Know You

What do you do to get to know your students? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Action Bag

The action bag therapy idea is a way for students to be more active through creative and absurd actions.

Put a Smile On

Makes keeping data more fun and entertaining so there is no need for an activity/game.

Hula Hoop Jump Game

A simple game that is flexible for level of difficulty. The kids love it, and SLPs get some exercise too.

Olympic Themed Speech Therapy Activities

The Olympics provide wonderful opportunities for enriching our therapy activities! I hope these will get your mind moving, because honestly this is just the tip of the ice rink.

Activities for Traveling

Usually you don't hear "fun", "kids", and "car trip" in the same sentence. These ideas will make any vacation or trip an epic fun (and learning) experience.

Speech Therapy Activities Using Jello Legos

Then a few days ago I saw a video about making Lego's out of Jell-O and thought "what a perfectly fun thing to do in therapy."

Greetingville & Conversation City

Grab your Social Passport & travel with us with this "in school field trip" activity.

In pairs, we travel to locations around the school (common staff members such as the secretary or media specialist that have been prearranged).

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Seasonal / Holiday

Keep the Magic Going After Halloween

What do you have left when Halloween is over? That's right...candy and pumpkins, and hopefully good memories, not scary ones.

5 Ghoulish-ly Fun Halloween Therapy Activities

Here are 5 Halloween activities you can do with your students using materials you already have. Minimal prep time, maximum fun.

The Game of Boo!

A portable game, that is easy to individualize, prepare, and store. It's very motivating, as the game can change at any moment!

Using Mustache Smash in Speech Therapy

Mustache Smash is the perfect game to celebrate all things mustache, here are some activities to use it for speech therapy.

Winter Themed Activities

Winter is the best time of year for speech and language therapy, everything about it is exciting. 

Speech Therapy Ideas for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Day provides wonderful and stimulating topics for language goals. 

Speech Therapy Activities for Groundhog Day

Activities you can do with your children and students to get them informed and excited about Groundhog Day.

Kiss Me! Speech Therapy Activities for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a great time to celebrate love and friendship while working on speech and language goals with students and children. 

Speech Therapy Activities for St. Patrick's Day

Although wearing green and pinching people is very fun, many people don't know how St. Patrick's Day got it's start.

Build-a-Leprechaun (or other Build-a-Game Themes)

This is a game structured like the game Cooties. You have to roll a die to earn pieces for your leprechaun. The objective is to be the first one to build your leprechaun.

Spring Themed Speech Therapy Activities

When spring fever is in the air these are some activities you can do with your kids that are sure to please.

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Activities Using Games

Speech Therapy Activities
Using HedBanz

I heard buzz about a children's game called "HedBanz" and wanted to see the speech & language did NOT disappoint!

Using the Pie Face Game
in Speech Therapy

If you want to play the pie face game in speech therapy, we've paired the best activities to maximize the fun in your classroom!

Speech Therapy Activities Using Spot It!

The game Spot It! is an affordable therapy tool that can be used year after year, it should be in every speech therapists' and parent's closet.

Speech Therapy Activities Using Good Night Moon

Good Night Moon is simple, quirky, and visually stimulating. Although it is meant for bedtime, children love any opportunity they have to do things out of order.

Using the Hungry Caterpillar in Speech Therapy

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a timeless classic, loved by adults and children alike! Here are 11 ideas you can use for speech and language therapy.

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Speech therapy books for targeting multiple goals

Activities for Specific Disorders


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