Language Activities Promote Better Overall Communication Skills

Language activities and speech building tips for use at home are two of the things we would like to provide you with the most of...

...on our site.

For the past few years we have gathered and used many different activities that encourage strong speech and language development for children of every age.

Sadly, through disorganization (mainly due to moving around a bit) we do not have them all written down. Thus, our idea to create a centralized place for all of the best language and speech activities was born.

As much as I know you'd like to hear from us A-L-L the time we thought we would also give you the chance to share language activites and speech building tips that work well for you...


Don't get us wrong, we love to hear ourselves talk (and the shower anyway) but we are only two people.

Imagine the amount of activities we can create if we have hundreds or even thousands of like minded friends and specialists working together toward this common goal.

I can already tell you the results will be phenomenal, not to mention how much information we'll all have at our fingertips and... the name of promoting better communication.

By sharing your favorite/best activities and ideas we know that YOU will...

  • increase your own knowledge
  • make a difference in others lives
  • serve hundreds, even thousands of people around the world
  • feel good about yourself for sharing your knowledge & talents with others

We look forward to seeing your activity.

Help Others & Be Famous...Sort Of

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Hula Hoop Jump 
It is very simple: I place a whole bunch of hula hoops on the floor (I move the furniture to get the most floor space, but if you have access to a school …

Laffy Taffy Board Game 
Objective: You use this game to teach either multiple meaning words, idioms, or homophones. Materials: Laffy Taffy candy, board game Suggestion: …

Dual "S" Words Not rated yet
Each person will come up with as many two-word combinations that include both words starting with S. Solar System, Sweet Smell, Snow Shoe. Words seperated …

Translated Nursery Ryhmes Not rated yet
I translated children's favourite nursery rhymes in their native language and then each child took there chance to try new languages.

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