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  1. 9 Creative Ways to Use Stories in Speech Therapy

    These 9 creative ways to use stories in speech therapy are sure fire ways to get your clients talking.

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  2. Speech Therapy Activities for Voiced TH Sound

    These speech therapy activities for Voiced TH sound will help your clients better understand the difference between voice "on" and voice "off".

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  3. Speech Therapy Activities for the Vocalic R Sound

    These speech therapy activities for the Vocalic R Sound make it so you will never run out of material for practice.

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  4. Hollie's Code to Successful Speech Therapy

    This code to successful speech therapy are Hollie's top tips for working with students that will help both you and them have success in the classroom.

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  5. Speech Therapy Activities for Voiceless TH

    These speech therapy activities for Voiceless TH will give you a jumping off point to help your students who struggle making this sound.

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  6. How do I know if my son needs speech therapy?

    He was referred to a speech therapist at the age of 3 because he wasn't talking yet, he just talked gibberish. He finally picked up to where he caught

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  7. Five Tips for Targeting Multiple Meaning Words

    Start first by explaining what a multiple meaning word is! Did you know there are multiple types of multiple meaning words?

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  8. Tactile and Kinesthetic Ways to Teach Letters

    Most students will stay engaged, focused and happy the whole session through if you give them the opportunity to move and touch in the therapy room.

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  9. Greetingville and Conversation City Speech Therapy Activities

    Grab your Social Passport & travel with us! In our social skills group we practice the individual steps for making a greeting (turn body, eye contact, say hello) and having successful conversations.

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  10. Use YouTube Videos to Spice Up Language Therapy

    The popular Discovery Channel YouTube videos entitled "How It's Made" make wonderful language activities and average only 4-5 minutes each.

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