What It Takes To Earn A Speech Language Pathologist Degree

A Speech Language Pathologist degree consists of a...

  • Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and/or Disorders

  • Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology

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During an Undergraduate program, a person may expect to take courses in...

  • Speech Science

  • Language Science

  • Hearing Science

  • Psychology - Behavior Management

  • Child Language Development

  • Anatomy of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms

  • Special Education

  • Multi-Cultural Competence

  • American Sign Language

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During a Graduate program, a person may expect to take courses in...

  • Neuroanatomy

  • Stuttering

  • Voice Disorders

  • Cleft Palate / Orofacial Anomolies

  • Pediatric Feeding

  • Swallowing

  • Research

  • Acoustics

  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication

On top of this, you will also be required to complete, track, and report clinical hours in most of the areas noted above.

The majority of clinical hours will be spent providing therapy to children and adults with different communication disorders.

If this sounds difficult...

...that's because it is.

Earning a degree in Speech Language Pathology is hard work. It is a demanding field that will stretch you. However, if you are thinking to yourself...

..."Self, I want to do this."

I'm here to tell you that you can do it. Good Luck.

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