Teaching the Sound Video Series

We hope you find these videos helpful in your efforts to teach correct speech sounds to your loved one.

See exclusive tips on teaching the "S", "Z", "K", and "G" sounds directly below video tip #4.

#1 - Don't Overcorrect

#2 - Model Correctly

#3 - Use Surroundings

#4 - Praise

Exclusive /S/ Technique

Exclusive /K/ Technique

Exclusive /G/ Technique

Exclusive /Z/ Technique

There are more techniques like the ones above that will help you to teach the these sounds in our...

...Teaching the Sound Books (below).

These books are all inclusive step-by-step programs for teaching your child individual speech sounds. 

This means you can provide speech therapy at home in a similar way Speech-Language Pathologists do.

Our Books can help your child before receiving speech therapy, during the time they are receiving therapy, and after therapy has been discontinued (if necessary). 

Each Book includes:

  • Full color diagrams

  • Full color photos

  • Multi-sensory techniques (sight, sound, touch, movement)

  • Easy to understand, step by step instructions (no technical jargon)

  • Audio tracks to meet your speech guide, Communi-Kate, and check for accurate sound discrimination

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