Speech Therapy Activities for the CH Sound

Speech Therapy Activities
for the CH Sound

Looking for speech therapy activities for the CH sound? Look no further, these activities will have your students chatting and cheering!

1. Ah, Ah, Ah, CHOOO!

For children working on /ch/ at the word level, here is a fun “sneezing” game you can play.

Place one (or several!) tissues on the table in front of the child.

Discuss proper tongue placement (seal tongue around hard palate right behind upper front teeth) and review that “burst” of air that is released.

As the child practices the burst of air, make a game of it!

Have them say “Ah, CHOO!” and if the air was sufficient, the tissues should be sent flying across the table.

This is a great visual demonstration of the burst of air required to make the accurate /ch/ sound.

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2. Build  A Choo Choo Track!

Supplies: Wooden Train Tracks & Train (or paper version, Link Below), /CH/ Flashcards

What child wouldn't like building a train track?!

If you can get your hands on some little wooden tracks, this would be a fun activity to elicit /ch/ words (and any other speech goals you are working on too!)

If you don’t have train tracks, you can print these free ones.

Have your stack of CH flashcards ready.

Show the child a flashcard and have them say the word ten times.

For every ten correct productions, they earn a “choo choo track.”

Watch the track grow and curve as you elicit numerous productions from the child.

When the track is complete (aka therapy session is almost over) give the child a ‘choo choo train” and let them practice saying “choo choo!” as they run the train on the tracks.

This is a fun easy activity that will give you a lot of productions. 

3. Cheeseburger Delight

Supplies: /CH/ Flashcards, Printed Picture of Buns (Link Below)

As you browse through the /ch/ flashcards you will see that many of the words are food related.

This makes for fun therapy activities.

Print this picture of a cheeseburger and simply cut out the buns and set them on the table.

Give the child all the food cards from the /ch/ flashcards set and tell them you are going to build a cheeseburger with some very interesting ingredients inside.

Let them stack the flashcards in between the “buns” as they practice saying the words and using them in sentences.

The kids don’t even have to stick to food items…have fun with it and make it silly!

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4.  Chewing Challenge

Supplies: Bubblegum, /CH/ Flashcards, Chewy the Bubblegum Picture

Print this picture of “Chewy the Elephant” blowing bubblegum bubbles.

As you search through the /ch/ flashcards in the position the child is working on, have them say and write ten words inside the big bubble.

If the child cannot yet write themselves you can have them hand you the flashcards and say them as you write the words inside the bubbles.

Have the child read or repeat all the words in the bubble ten times each.

After you feel as though you have an adequate number of elicitations, (at least 100 for data!) it is time for them to start their own “Chewing Challenge!”

Give each child a piece of bubblegum.

They have to chew it as fast as they can and see how fast they can blow a bubble.

The first to blow a successful bubble wins the chewing challenge.

Now, I realize that many little kids cannot blow bubble gum bubbles yet.

So then the chewing challenge becomes a lesson of the refined art of bubble blowing. See if you can help them to blow a bubble.

This will be an activity they will remember for a long time to come.

Send Chewy the Elephant home for homework.

5. Chalk It Up

Supplies: Sidewalk Chalk, /CH/ Flashcards

There are so many great things about sidewalk chalk: It’s colorful, it’s washable, it’s fun, and it begins with /ch/!

It is really good for kids to get out of the therapy room and work on their sounds in a less structured environment.

So for this activity, gather up your flashcards and your chalk (and don’t forget the children) and head outside for some chalk therapy.

The sky's the limit for this activity, you can have the children...

  • write the words all over the sidewalk as they practice saying them

  • make check marks for every accurate production

  • write a CH on the sidewalk and jump on it every time they hear the therapist say the sound accurately (for discrimination)

  • draw pictures of /ch/ words while they repeat a list of words

Here is another fun game you can play outside with the chalk.

Make large squares on the ground set up like hop scotch. (One and then two, one and then two, and so on.)

Write a /ch/ word in each square. Have the child play hop scotch while saying all the words in the boxes.

*Warning to the therapist: Don’t wear black on Chalk Day!

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6. Gimme some CHIPS!

Supplies: Four small empty bags of chips, /CH/ flashcards

Here is a silly activity that is fun and simple.

Gather four small empty chip bags.

Clean them out really well with a wipe and let them dry. Then print ten flash cards twice each so there are a total of 20 cards.

Mix them all up and place five in each bag.

Have the child/children pull one card out of a chip bag at a time and say the words as they try to find matches. The person who ends with the most matches wins the game!

(A fun reward for this therapy session would be, of course, a few chips to much on!) 

We hope you can channel your inner child and have fun with these cheerful /ch/ activities! Thanks for reading!

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