Meet the Words Speech Therapy Activity

Meet the Words


  • To learn new words and new information through interesting conversation while targeting articulation errors, language concepts, or fluent speech strategies, etc.


  • All Ages


  • Cards with selected target words pictured or written

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Tell your student that you are going to take turns interviewing each other about some new words.

For each turn, the person acting as the reporter picks a card, says the word, and asks the three following questions.

Remember to say the target word in each question for maximum practice. The interviewee answers the questions and then the roles are switched.

  1. Do you like ___________?

  2. Where do you usually see ____________?

  3. What's one thing you know about _____________?

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How to use if for...


Client can practice target sounds at the sentence level by saying them in the questions above. For word level, have the client say the word first, followed by the question.

For example, if the target word is chocolate, they would say...

  • Chocolate...Do you like it?

  • Chocolate...Where do you usually see it?

  • Chocolate...What's one thing you know about it?


This is a great activity to learn new vocabulary words and learn new information from each other if they don't have the answers.

You could use it one step further to work on categorization based on the answers given. It also could be used to practice describing items using adjectives, a skill that is difficult for many children with language delays.


This interview role playing is the perfect context to practice turn taking, topic maintenance, eye contact, nonverbal body language, and even using/interpreting figurative language. 


Client tries to produces target word with "stretchy, smooth" speech or while using a reduced rate or with easy onset, depending on your method.

The fluency method can be practiced at the word level, before the question, like the articulation example above, or at the sentence level - producing the whole question with the target fluency strategy.


Client tries to produce each question with correct air support, volume, resonation, or chunking/phrasing, etc. depending on your target behavior.

He/she also tries to answer the questions appropriately.

Group Variation

Pair your clients up with a partner to interview each other on a chosen number of words.

Have them report at least one thing they learned from the other person when finished.

You can make this a long or short activity depending on how many cards/words you have them complete.

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For Parents

Take turns with your child.

Pick a card and ask these 3 questions to the other person to work on their sound at the word level:

  • (picture name)...Do you like it or not?

  • (picture name)...Where do you usually see it?

  • (picture name)...What's one thing you know about it? 

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