Greetingville and Conversation City

by Stacy Triplat 
(Mahtomedi, MN USA)

Grab your Social Passport & travel with us! 


In our social skills group (K-2), we practice the individual steps for making a greeting (turn body, eye contact, say hello) and having successful conversations.

Goal Example

Student will follow expected steps to greet and converse with familiar and unfamiliar communication partners.


We watch video modeling examples and role play what it looks like before taking "in school field trips" to generalize our skills. 

Each student has a SOCIAL PASSPORT.


Once we are greeting experts, we're ready to visit GREETINGVILLE!

In pairs, we travel to locations around the school (common staff members such as the secretary or media specialist that have been prearranged).

The student independently approaches the staff member, delivers a greeting, and receives a "stamp" on his/her passport for a successful greeting.

The student needs to get 4 stamps for GREETINGVILLE.

After our first voyage, we return for lessons on initiating and maintaining conversations. Following direct instruction (usually a few months), we are ready to take flight for CONVERSATION CITY.

The students have a blast with the out of the classroom adventure, and ask to continue the activity to acquire more stamps.

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