Hula Hoop Jump Game

by Kat D 
(Montreal, Canada)

It is very simple: I place a whole bunch of hula hoops on the floor (I move the furniture to get the most floor space, but if you have access to a school gym, a large therapy room or even an outdoor space, you can use more hula hoops than I do!).

In each hula hoop, I place a card with the target sound (e.g. /k/ initial). Then we give each other instructions where to jump (e.g. "Jump to the king").

You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want: you could give two-or-three-element instructions, or just have them jump to one hoop at a time.

You could use this to work on increasing MLU by using a sentence ("Jump to the king and then to the cat"). Lots of options.

And the kids love it!

And yes, SLP jumps too! Good exercise!

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