Five Tips for Targeting Multiple Meaning Words

Start first by explaining what a multiple meaning word is! 

1. What are Multiple Meaning Words?

Did you know there are multiple types of multiple meaning words? That was a mouthful wasn't it?

Here is a handy FREE resource that explains the different types, with examples! What is a Multiple Meaning Word?  Freebie! Providing examples with pictures and spelling on a whiteboard may help as well!

2. Build a Word-Web 

Now I cannot take credit for the next tip what-so-ever!

It comes from a book called Stretching a Student's Vocabulary by K. Bromley (2002) I think using their Word-Web strategy would work great for our students who are our visual learners!

Taken from: Bromley, K. (2002). Strategies taken from: Stretching students’ vocabulary: Best practices for building the rich vocabulary students need to achieve in reading, writing, and the content areas

This would be a fun interactive way to visually show students the different means for one word.

You can build the web however you choose. I personally like to write on my kidney bean table with a white board marker! It erases like a charm.

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3. Be a Detective!

  • Hand out magnifying glasses

  • Flashlights for extra fun in the dark

  • Use highlighters to find and highlight the words in the sentences (like a pretend flashlight).

"Multiple Meaning Detectives!" Explain that students must search for clues in sentences that they hear or read, to figure out what a word means.

: The woman is wearing a ring on her finger.

The clues are "wearing" and "finger".

What are things we can wear on our fingers? Jewelry? So ring=jewelry worn on a finger!

4. Multiple Meaning Word Bingo! 

Once your students have a grasp on Multiple Meaning Words, play my Multiple Meaning Word Bingo.

Students must use their detective skills to figure out what word you are targeting!

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Speech therapy books for targeting multiple goals

5. Bean Bag Toss! 

Good 'ole bean bag toss!

Have students stand behind a line of tape or a piece of string on the floor and for each meaning they provide for a word, they get to throw a bean bag.

3 definitions = 3 bean bags etc.

For more bean bag ideas check out another guest post I did for the Dabbling Speechie.

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