Speech Therapy Activities Using Jello Legos

Speech Therapy Activities Using Jello Legos

Recently, we posted an article discussing how to use Youtube videos for speech therapy practice.

Not long ago I saw a video about making Lego's out of Jell-O and thought "what a perfectly fun thing to do in therapy."

The video starts with an introduction of the ingredients and then a detailed process about how to make the gummies.

I challenged our Facebook Fans by asking them to share with us their best therapy ideas after seeing the video.

To sweeten the pot I offered the person with the best ideas a copy of Word Vault Pro!

Just one more reason to "Like" us on Facebook :)

You can watch the entire video below...

Ameera responded with the following:

"When I was surfing through Facebook, I saw a video that was reposted by Home Speech Home about making Legos out of Jell-O.

It was quite interesting and I thought of these simple activities that could be used for Speech and Language Therapy.

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Activity Ideas

Sort Legos by Color and Shape

The students can be taught the colors of the Legos and then teach others how to sort them.

Teach "Same" vs. "Different"

Teach the student to describe the blocks and decide which 2 or more blocks have the same or different features.

The key features that differentiate the blocks from each other would be the shape, size and colors.

Teach Adjectives

Describe the Lego's by talking about their colors, size, shape, how they smell and feel.

Teach Verbs & Verb Tenses

The video can be used to introduce the verbs

  • stir
  • pour
  • mix
  • liquefy
  • spill
  • separate
  • stirring / stirred
  • poured / pouring

Teach Prepositions

Make a mountain with the legos and then ask the student(s) to follow directions such as “Place the robot”...

  1. on top of the mountain
  2. beside the mountain
  3. below the mountain
  4. jump over the mountain

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Teach Adverbs

  • quickly
  • slowly
  • gently

Teach Synonyms or Antonyms


  • slowly / quickly


  • slowly-gently / calmly

Follow 1 Step or 2 Step Directions

Mix up the shapes and then pour them out.

Have the students...

  • give you different colors, sizes, or amounts of bricks
  • stack specific bricks in certain ways
  • put certain bricks in front of or behind or to the side of each other (works as a preposition activity at the same time)


The student(s) watches the video and narrates the sequence of making the Jello.

Teach First, Next, Last

The student(s) learn to separate the steps that come first, next, and last.

Answer Wh- Questions

After showing the video or making the gummies ask the student(s) wh- questions like:

  1. Where was the jello made?
  2. What was used to help the jello solidify?
  3. Where is the robot standing?
  4. Why do we mix the gelatin and the corn syrup?


(You knew this was coming)


*Note: If you choose to make the gummies yourself and let your students use them hands on, we suggest making 2 batches.

1 batch for manipulating and the 2nd batch for eating.

*Bigger Note: Make sure the student(s) don't have any allergies to the ingredients.

Have Fun :)

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About the Author

Ameera Hadee has a degree in Speech language Pathology and Audiology. She is from India and has been working in the field of Speech Language Pathology for the past 5 years.

She has been following HomeSpeechHome for 3 years now and loves the website and resources they have.

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