Free Speech Therapy Resources You Need Right Now

Free Speech Therapy Resources
You Need Right Now

You can never have too many Speech Therapy Resources.

Am I right or am I right or am I right...

...Right, Right, Right.

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Speech Therapy Word Lists

Words are a huge part of doing any type of speech and language therapy.

All of the words were hand picked to be common, functional, and targeted for multiple uses as a resource therapy and/or home practice.

Speech Language Screeners

These screening tests are designed to give you a comparison between what a child is currently doing and what they should be doing.

Both screeners provide detailed information that will help determine a child's present levels of performance.

Speech Therapy Test Descriptions [eBook]

A List of 90+ test descriptions in English and Spanish from Apraxia to Phonology.

Bell Curve Chart [Handout]

A bell curve chart that provides a really nice and simple visual representation.

Perfect for explaining test scores to individuals that are unfamiliar with normal distribution.

Speech Development Chart [Handout] 

Printable chart of phoneme development in children based on the most current research.

Phonological Processes Chart [Handout]

Nice visual chart of every phonological process with descriptions, examples, and age that they should be remediated.

Describing Worksheet [Handout]

For children who need a little more assistance using descriptive language, show or give them a copy of this helpful handout for describing.

Chronological Age Calculator
Free iPhone/iPad App

Use our App to calculate a child's chronological age for comparing their current abilities with the milestone information on our site.

Don't have an iPhone or iPad?

No can use our online chronological age calculator instead.

Speech Helpers [eBook]

Print and use this visually loaded resource to teach your student's about their Speech Helpers.

Each copy includes a hands-on coloring activity that helps children visually learn about their oral anatomy.

Read here about how teaching children about Speech Helpers can improve success.

Get a Free Set of Printable Flashcards for the H Sound

Teaching Sounds Tips [Videos]

Free video series of tips about teaching specific speech sounds.

K Series - G Series - S Series

SLP Job Choosing Guide [eBook]

Free guide packed with information about key questions to discuss and interview questions to ask potential employers, personal factors to consider, and much more.

Speech Therapy Activities

Therapy activities and ideas that are original, fun, and engaging for you and your kids.

Question & Answer Forums

A dedicated place for every one of our site visitors to submit their comments and questions about anything related to speech and language.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Communication Skills [Handout]

A compilation of our top 10 Tips of for improving speech and language abilities at home.

These tips are reminders to live by.

Phonetics: The Sounds of American English - Animated Representation

These videos from the University of Iowa are great visual animations of tongue movement how we make consonant and vowel sounds in our mouth

Available in English and Spanish

The International Phonetic Association

A quick and easy reference for all things IPA. Or you can type using an IPA keyboard.

What’s the Pic Articulation
is a revolutionary app for speech therapy!

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As Speech Pathologist's I know we have a lot on our plate.

This section of our website is to provide speech therapy resources to make the lives of SLPs easier and help them be more organized.

First of all, I will admit, I go crazy when I'm not organized. 

It's just the way I am. 

I have seen a lot of different tools on the internet and tried to compile as speech therapy resources into this section as possible. 

I will always be adding more to this page as I get new ones. 

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