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Speech Therapy Apps Improve
Outcomes and Save Time

Speech therapy apps...what CAN'T they do? 

They CAN'T...

  • diagnose a disorder

  • treat your clients or patients for you

  • cure speech and language disorders

...but let's be honest, they can pretty much do everything else :)

I might even go so far to say they're God's gift to Speech Language Pathologists.

Our speech therapy apps will help your clients meet their therapy goals and save you time

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Word Vault Essential


The Word Vault App is the ultimate tool for SLPs, parents, teachers, and professionals to teach articulation, language, and social skills.

*Now you can get a 30 day free trial of Pro Features. Learn More

Chronological Age Calculator


On the go and need to figure out someone's Chronological Age?

Our #1 Chronological Age Calculator is the easiest way, that's why it's #1.

Multi-Syllabic Word Party


Multi-syllabic Word Party is an interactive app for helping children learn and/or strengthen their phonological awareness skills which are critical for learning and maintaining reading skills. Learn More

Phonological Process Finder


The Phonological Process Finder App helps you find specific phonological processes that children use in 2 easy steps. Learn More

What's the Pic Articulation


What’s the Pic Articulation is a revolutionary app for speech therapy! It uses voice activation to motivate players to say their target words. Learn More

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