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We Create Information and Apps that Promote Speech & Language Development.

Speech & Language Screeners

Use this free online tool to determine a child's current speech and language skills are delayed.

Targeted Word Lists 

Categorized & functional words, phrases, sentences, and stories for therapy practice.

Apps for Therapy

Our best applications to help clients meet therapy goals and save you time.

Therapy Activities

Therapy activities and ideas that are original, fun, and engaging for children.

Tips for Communication

The top 10 tips for how to improve communication skills.

Therapy Resources

A compilation of helpful downloads, tools, and references for SLPs.

Development Information

Find developmental milestones, disorder descriptions, and professional tidbits.

Q & A Forums

A place for worldwide collaboration about anything related to speech and language.

All Content on this Website is Written by ASHA Certified SLPs

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