Multi-syllabic Word Party App Preview

The Multi-syllabic Word Party App is an interactive app for helping children learn and/or strengthen their phonological awareness skills which are critical for learning and maintaining reading skills.

Developed by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, each game features audio and visual reinforcement through use of an interactive pacing board and familiar child games.

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Multi-syllabic Word Party has four enjoyable games:

Tap-Tap, Outline, Remember, and Say & Slice

Multi-syllabic Word Party App

Tap Tap

A visual and auditory pacing board that reinforces players through color and sound.


Teaches shape recognition while simultaneously using the pacing board seen in Tap Tap.


A similar to the classic memory game and utilizes the pacing board after each match has been made.

Say & Slice

An even more interactive way to learn syllable segmentation by swiping/slicing syllables off of a word and then adding them again.

Multi-syllabic Word Party App
Multi-syllabic Word Party App

The fun and engaging game style design and interface was made for children in Preschool through 3rd grade.

Children, professionals, and parents get access to 200+ functional, high definition, real world images that range from 2 to 5 syllables in length.

Multi-syllabic Word Party App

Multi-syllabic Word Party can be used to target multi-syllabic words, syllable reduction, syllable segmentation, phonemic awareness, qualitative concepts, "wh" questions, shape recognition, sentence production, and more.

It's Universal, so you get it on both your iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

To play, simply select a game and a syllable level you want to work on and begin.

Have fun playing!

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Multi-syllabic Word Party App

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