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Easy to Understand Bell Curve Chart

The Bell Curve has been around for years.

But explaining to someone who isn't familiar with it or slept through college math can be confusing...

...especially without a visual.

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I've attended a lot of meetings in during my career, many of which I could have benefited from a more graphic version of the bell curve.

After some research, I have come to find that this type of version is very closely related to a jack-a-lope, snipe, and unicorn...it simply doesn't exist.

Until now.

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In September 2013, I came across a bell curve chart that provides a really nice and simple visual representation. It was perfect for explaining test scores to individuals that were unfamiliar with normal distribution.

Unfortunately, the simplified chart didn't have the statistical information on it that professionals needed.

So, I combined the two together and TA-DA!

Be sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (be sure to uncheck the "Optional Offer box" otherwise it will install McAfee Security Scan).

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Download Your Free Copy of the Bell Curve Chart

*Special thanks to Louise Valente from Pacific Coast Speech for the upper portion of this chart.

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