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Our Speech Language Screening Tests
Are Here To Help

Our speech language screening tests are designed to give you a comparison between what a child is currently doing and what they should be doing. 

They are not meant to diagnose any kind of disorder.

Both screeners provide detailed information that will help you decide if you should be concerned and if you should seek further help.

Please understand that there is no substitute for a speech/language evaluation by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist.

Read about speech evaluations to find out what you can expect.

To find your child's current level of development with our Speech and Language Screener:

  1. Begin by taking the screener for your child's age.

  2. If the results show your child is delayed at his/her age level, take the screener for one age level lower.

  3. If the screener shows your child is not delayed for any skills, feel free to take the screener for one age level higher.

Above all, these are tools that can help resolve your concerns or identify problems that your child may have.

Our screeners can help anyone that has a question about speech and language development so please...

...let others know about them.

Simply click on the screener you would like to use below.

*NOTE: The screeners do not work on Phones or Tablets.

If you have any trouble...please see the FAQ page.

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