Voice Volume App for Selective Mutism?

by Trudy
(Manitoba Canada )

I have a student with Selective Mutism who needs to be encouraged to use a "louder" voice (student is only whispering at this time).

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas, suggestions or knows of an App available that would make this visual...and/or ...Fun? :)

P.S. Any other suggestions for working with students with Selective Mutism would be greatly appreciated!


Trudy Campbell Manitoba Canada (tcampbell@flbsd.mb.ca)

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Apr 12, 2020
Just found yacker tracker
by: Anonymous

I wonder if that would work. Perhaps putting a smiley face on the red and using a token system if the flash card is read loud enough to trigger the red light.

Sep 14, 2012
Voice Amp for Selectively Mute
by: Zoe-Ann

My daughter is SM at times, and at home she just has a great time doing performances in front of my husband and I whereby she uses the microphone of a Little Tykes CD player that has dual mics that amplify voices amazingly well when spoken into them!

It is fun as there are two mics, and she will often take one mic and speak, while the rest of us wait for her to finish doing the announcing of the performance.

Her performance may be just playing around on a musical instrument.

We announce by saying "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Toby, Spunky and Benji (the names of our animals!), we are now going to present the amazing and talented violinist, ..." and finish with something like "Take it away!" and then we speak again into the mics with congratulations and bravo etc. wonderful performance etc.

Our daughter is 5 and 1/2 yrs old and exhibits SM to strangers/relatives/teachers when feeling pressured to speak with them.

You did not mention the age of your student though. Don't know if this helps. Zoe

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