Us Going to the Store? Can Us Watch a Show? Us Having Dinner?

by Cara Johnson
(Saratoga Springs, UT )

My daughter is 3 years old and has several speech and language problems. We've been working with her over the past few months with GREAT success!

I am so proud of her - There is something I just can't seem to help her understand, I've tried searching for ideas and tips on how to help her, but I can't think of the correct terms to search for.

She is always saying "Us" in place of "Can we" "Are we" "Will we" etc...... I am trying to model it correctly for her and say things like "Oh, you mean "Can we have juice..." etc.

But it doesn't seem to be making a difference. What is this called and what can I do to help her? Simply modeling the correct language isn't clicking for her.

Thank you so much!


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