Understanding my 11 old when he talks.

by Mitchell Hutchinson
(Atlanta ga)

My son has trouble expressing himself with words. He is a very smart 11 yr old. He attends the Schenck School for dyslexia.

When he attempts to tell or recount a complex experience or ask complex questions, his communication is often unintelligible. He poorly pronounces key words by almost dropping sound of the first or last letters.

In addition to pronunciation, he has trouble starting and finishing his thoughts. However they are quite deep at times in a sequentially logical way so that the listener can follow.

He has seen a speech therapist and was showing signs of improvement for a time. He is now getting speech while in school but we just are not seeing improvement.

He has a lot of friends but I believe it is hurting him socially and it will be an issue when he transitions out of the Schenck next year.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!!

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