Stutter and Hormone Problem


I am a teacher of English as a second language and I have a 20 year old male student who has problems speaking in class.

He has an obvious stutter and says it gets worse when he feels nervous (obviously I've tried to make sure the class is as friendly and non-intimidating as possible for him).

However, he just has not been speaking at all. This would be a viable choice in another subject but in a language classroom (he's reluctant to even say hello to classmates).... I need to grade his ability to speak.

When I spoke to him about this he said he was also diagnosed with a 'hormone problem' when he was 16, which he takes medication for. Either the hormone problem or the medication makes it difficult for him to speak. He says sometimes the 'sound does not come out.'

English is his second language and he did not quite have the vocabulary to explain to me exactly what the problem was. So this is all in his words.

I'm sure the most obvious thing would be to find a speech therapist, but I live in Sri Lanka. The few speech therapists that exist here are out of my student's price range.

My questions are:

- What can I do to help him? Is there a way to make speaking easier for him. It's a small class (11 students) so I have the time to sit with him and help.

- Is this an unsolvable speech issue or can something be done?

- How realistic is it to grade his spoken language? Should I request extenuating circumstances for him?

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