Stuck on -ER

My son (6 y.o.) had problems creating the r sound.

After evaluation by an SLP, he has been doing speech therapy for 45 minutes a week (privately) for 5 months.

At this point, he can produce proper r sounds for beginning r, "ire", "ar", "ear", and "air." He has gotten completely stuck on "er" sounds.

All the other sounds developed pretty quickly, so I'm wondering if anyone has any tricks for getting that "er" sound.

He is still in therapy, but since I am paying the whole cost out of pocket, I'd really like to wrap this up soon.

Thanks for any help!

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Jul 05, 2016
Another trick?
by: Mary

Have any of you had any success with the head thrown back to make the er sound? It has worked for my clients approximately 3 out of 5 times.

Jan 15, 2015
by: DJ

I have had success with giving the kids visual and auditory feedback in addition to the placement clues. Place a mirror in front of your son so he can see the shape his lips are making. The tiger growl with the lips pulled back and the teeth showing is fun to make as well as watch. So different from those puckering lips for the "w."
Also, anyway you can amplify his voice for that auditory feedback is awesome.
Best to you, both!

Nov 22, 2013
Getting that /r/ sound
by: Michelle

My trick is to have him say "ee" as he scrapes the roof of his mouth with his tongue tip (front to back).

Due to the position of the tongue, it typically becomes an /r/ sound. For most of the vocalic /r/ sounds ("ear", "ar", "or", "ar", "ire) this will work. Best of luck.

Sep 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

Try this.

May sound weird, but always works.

Have your child say the "eeeee" sound while pulling his lips back (eggagerated smile). Then, without moving his lips at all, have him glide into the "er" sound.

Most of my kids hold the corners of their lips down to prevent the pucker.

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