Speech Language Pathologist

by Diane Beck
(Brownwood, TX)

Any apps by kindergarten.com. I have tons of free apps (they were free when I got them) for categories.

Also any of the alligator apps are good. Many are free! You can sign up for free the apps through alligator apps.

Also, smartappsforkids.com. You can go to their website and sign up for free app alert. I have been notified of many good free apps this way.

Toca boca apps are good for carryover of speech sounds. I love and my kids love noodle words...not free but very budget friendly. It is a fun way to work on verbs; kids see the verbs in action.

I will try to give more ides another day. Hope I can help someone find good therapy tools that are portable without having to carry bags loaded with activities.

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Check Out the What's the Pic Articulation App

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