Speech delay or disorder?

My son just turned 2. He has not been diagnosed with ANYTHING at this moment except an expressive speech delay. My SLP says he has oral motor planning issues, which is obvious by his struggle to move his lips, tongue, and mouth in certain ways.

We've been working on strengthening his mouth and he has made a lot of improvement. He doesn't have any feeding or drinking issues. He can make and model beginning sounds (m, p, b, k, r, l, g, d) but that's about it.

He can't do final sounds. He has about 45 signs and knows all his letters, colors, and shapes. He also knows his animals and just started making animal sounds. He also babbles when he plays with his toys throughout the day.

My SLP says 2 is way too early to diagnose Apraxia, but I've heard of children who have been diagnosed early. I feel so heartbroken and anxious for my little boy. He's starting to become more and more independent and it frustrates him that he can't always express himself effectively.

He receives speech for 45 minutes a week. Does this sound like Apraxia or something else? Do you have any suggestions for me and my family?

What other issues can we expect to encounter? I need answers and I don't feel I have the support. Thanks in advance!!

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