Slow talking.

by Carissa
(Flint Mi United states)

My son is 5 years old last week he had a fever of 99.4 I gave him medication. As soon as it wore of he would have such a bad headache everything hurt his ears and he didn't like light.i took him to urgent care monday they said migrains. I took him to ER on wednesdaythey said he has migrains. He has had this headache since saturday night
Thursday morning he started talking slow and not complete saying his words. He did his whole life but not the past 5days. It's like he is super sleepy with talking. He has not had medication since Friday morning. The headache has not been back since.
Is this just a phase of talking? I make him slow down and say it again still very slow. He will stutter when starting his sentence some times. Example Pokemon is poookkeee (then he stops maby 2 secs) then says mooonnn. His whole life he has never had a problem with speech. Can speech problems accure at 5?

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