Self-Taught Reader with Auditory Processing Disorder?

by Adrian
(Chicago, IL)

I am an adult trying to figure out my brain. I'm not looking for an Internet diagnosis but rather possibilities that I can bring up when I see my doctor so that I have the right words.
Here's me:

I've been wondering lately if I have some kind of hearing loss. But difficulty in understanding occurs mostly in noisier environments, so I've considered the possibility of APD.

I have or have had many of the difficulties associated with APD, including but not limited to mishearing phonemes (really obvious in a class I took about teaching reading), trouble understanding figurative language, preferring captions, and finding telephone conversations incredibly hard.

I also hate speaking and have always hated it. I'm learning ASL and while I'm not fluent yet, I think once I am, I'll greatly prefer it to verbal speech.

However, I had no reading difficulties. I was a self-taught reader, reading at 4 (my father says 3). This occurred with no formal instruction, just a mother who read to me every night.

I was considered nearly-gifted throughout most of my schooling. I never had any learning difficulties. However, I am a very visual learner so, for example, if there was a textbook or something I could read, I didn't have to pay much attention to the teacher.

I used to have a nearly photographic memory though not so much anymore. In college lectures, I could get by if I took notes. I remembered the visual medium of notes when I didn't remember the oral lecture.

I was also tested for speech problems in elementary school. They said I was fine, which my parents very much disagreed with because they had serious trouble understanding my speech.

Is it even possible to have APD and be a self-taught reader? Should I be looking in another direction?

Thank you.

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