Repeating Words or Accept Childs Way

I have a 4 yr old daughter who is having problems with speech.

Should I keep repeating words they get wrong until she gets it right or accept the words she says?

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Jun 03, 2013
Model as much as you can!!!
by: Hollie Barber M.S. CCC-SLP Home Speech Home

I would just add to my husbands response :) that you are not correcting your child when you repeat the word she says.

Feel free to model the correct way every time she says it wrong just for her to hear it right.

For example,she says, "I want to doh to the store" instead of "I want to go to the store." Then you would say, "Oh you want to "GO" to the store? Okay let's "GO."

And you do not require her to say it again except every so often when you have the time to teach and practice a little with it and when you are not taking away from the message she was trying to tell you.

You always want her to know that what she says is more important than how she says it. So model it every chance you get by saying it slower and louder to emphasize the correct sound. :)

Mar 14, 2013
Don't Overcorrect
by: Luke from HomeSpeechHome

Only correct your child 1 every 3 times they say a word incorrectly.

If you correct your child too much it can make communicating a negative experience and/or they could stop talking altogether.

It's tough as a parent because we want our kids to do things the right way all the time, every time. Just keep in mind that part of the learning process is doing things wrong once in a while and changing your behavior until it is right.

I don't know what sounds your child has trouble with but HomeSpeechHome has 3 free video series with tips and techniques for working on the "S", "K", and "G" sounds that can shed more light on this for you, if you are interested...

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