Recent Mispronunciation Discovery

(Boston, MA, USA)

Several months ago, I began my first semester of college. As I met people from every corner of the globe, several people asked me if I was Canadian. I thought that this was weird because I grew up in Boston and constantly say "wicked." However, someone finally pointed out to me that I sound Canadian when I say "about" and "out."

I don't know if this is a speech problem that my friends and family are simply used to and don't notice or if this is something that I have developed recently. I have never been to Canada, have no relatives from or who lived in Canada, and have never had contact with any Canadians for more than a conversation. Yet, for some reason, I say "aboot" and "oot" without knowing it and it sounds perfectly normal to me.

I have been unable to find any similar posts on the internet, so I have come here for help. What verbal exercises (or, actually, anything at all) can I do to change my pronunciation to the proper "owt" sound? It is a problem that I find embarrassing and awkward to explain, as I have no rational explanation, so I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Thank you!

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