Quiet and Unclear Voice

by Andrew


So I have this problem about my voice.

I'm 24 years old male, but my voice is not manly enough. It's kinda quiet and unclear. Sometimes, when I speak with people in quiet place, when it's not noisy, people tend to ask me twice.

I never could understand - why is that? To me it's not sound too bad.

Second thing is my work. I work on a factory, where machines are running and are quite noisy.

In there, almost all the time I should repeat myself. In 4 of 5 situations.
You might say, it's alright, it's noisy in there, but thing is, I notice, how other people speak.

They ALMOST DON'T ASK EACH OTHER TO REPEAT. Their conversations are almost like in some relaxed and quiet situation.

Now next sentence might sound strange at all. I'M TRYING TO SHOUT AND EVEN THEN PEOPLE RARELY HEAR ME. But after like 10 words of shouting my throat hurts.

Also, I'm often ask people to repeat themselves, especially on factory. I think, I might have some hearing problems too???

I'm amazed, how people can hear each other so clearly on the factory, even when they speak so quietly???

Can you please help me? Can you please tell me what to do?

Maybe there's some medication to make my voice... "normal"?

I tried one exercise, basically I need to take a deep breath and shout some letters, like "E" etc.

Thing is, there is thin walls in my house and neighbors are living with me, so that option is not very good...

Please help me.

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Aug 30, 2015
by: Avi

do gargling every night before sleeping.. within fifteen days you will start seeing the change in your voice.... and if it so...then continue it atleast for 6 months.....

May 27, 2015
Unclear voice
by: Rosario

First go to an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) Doctor to have your vocal cords evaluated and ask the Dr. whether speech therapy is needed/recommended for your voice.

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