Push-in TX Scheduling

Does anyone have any suggestions for the following problem?

In an effort to raise state test scores, my principal is insisting on 100% push- in services for all disciplines. I am an SLP and work in an elementary school (440 total students) with 3-12 year old students.

We have many programs including ESL, title 1 math/reading interventions, reading recovery, OT/pt and of course spec ed and speech. We have a high rate of student movement, my caseload varies from about 40-55 students/week, 60-70 different students/year.

I generally work around 30 + other teacher schedules and the students come from about a dozen different classrooms. Most students IEPs are written for (2) 30- minute sessions per wk or (3) 20-min sessions per wk but since students come from many different schools, most of their IEP service times are different (i.e. I have groups of kids from different grade levels, different classrooms, different ability levels, different goals with different minutes/frequency).

Scheduling the students for pull-out therapy is working but I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to schedule all push-in tx? There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the school day? With all the other teachers in the room at the same time, there will not be enough tables/chairs for everyone so there's a good chance all tx will be on the floor.

Our schedules do not allow time for collaboration with other teachers. Does any one have any suggestions on how to make this work, ethically and logistically?

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