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My wife and I started a bilingual private practice and I'm searching for any ideas to help us get the word out to the community.

Any suggestions?

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Jun 25, 2016
Starting a Speech Therapy Private Practice
by: Kyle Meades

Hey Luke & Hollie,

I have been a speech pathologist since 1993 and own a home-health company and outpatient clinic in Tucson, AZ.

This is a great topic and I have some specific suggestions for you at

You can also search iTunes for my podcast:
Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast

Email me if I can help in any way,

Thank you,
Kyle Meades

Nov 12, 2015
Resources for Learning
by: Scott Harmon

My wife and I own 2 pediatric therapy clinics.

I would like to suggest checking out which has some marketing information and a podcast that features therapists who are in private practice.

The comment about getting a website up and going is a good idea. Start creating content related to the type of therapy you want to provide. Write all you can and as much as you can on the subject.

After you have a nice amount of content created you can start re-packaging and re-purposing that content in a variety of ways.

Google Adwords are good. Just be sure to set the geographical area to your local community. I have wasted some money by now limiting the geographical area.

There is so much more to be said on this subject.

I am working on a Marketing Ecourse for a pediatric private practice and hope to have it ready by the end of 2015. It will be at the website mentioned above

Thank you,
Scott Harmon

Feb 14, 2014
Marketing a Small SLP Business.
by: Josh Campbell

Hi there,

I promote a small group of SLP's in Wellington, New Zealand. I've had to go through the "kick-off" phase of marketing several times in this industry and use a process that should be helpful for you as well.

I think that the more publicity Speech Therapy gets, the better it is for children everywhere. So... Here's a brief overview of how I'd recommend to got the ball rolling:

1)Assess your competitors and your target demographic. If you have many competitors or a small target market, try to choose a unique niche.

2)Come up with a couple of key reasons why you are the best choice for your target market. You'll need to keep reiterating these "Unique Value Proposals" (UVP) throughout all of your marketing efforts.

3)THE HARD BIT: Invent an original brand name, logo and general colour-scheme that reflect both your UVP and the preferences of your target market. You'll be using these everywhere. In marketing, consistency pays off with conversions... so try to put the effort in here.

4)Build a website, or get someone to help you do so. At the very least you will need a neat and tidy home page, a "contact us" page and an "about us" page. You may wish to put more information on your site - just ensure that everything is thoroughly proof-read, fits your branding and looks OK on most browsers. A good way to check is to get several of your friends to review your site for you. Here's ours, for example:

5)Begin "pay per click" (PPC) online advertising - this should immediately generate around a hundred visitors to your site a week in the early days, some of whom will actually be potential clients! To keep this section brief I would suggest looking up "Google Adwords", the most popular PPC tool.

6)Spend a few minutes every day online, commenting on blogs and social media sites such as Facebook. The more active you are in the online aspect of your industry, the more readily your website will be found by potential customers. To be honest, this is part of what I am doing right now, on behalf of Vocalsaints, my wife's private practice.

7)Once you have the online marketing underway, its' time to get out into local schools, kindergartens and Doctors (assuming your target market is children, as is ours). You will need to produce a pamphlet, poster or brochure that promotes your practice, directs people to your website and gives useful information on speech therapy. Deliver a copy of this brochure to as many local centres as possible. Ensure you are dressed well and are armed with a brilliant smile :-).

These steps should get your private practice going. In Wellington (a city with five other private SLPs, a public system and a population of 400,000), the above efforts generated 5-15 new clients for us per week - which is more than enough for a single SLP to build up a client base.

I wish you all the best with your Speech Therapy marketing efforts.

Josh Campbell
Vocalsaints Speech Therapy

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