Pragmatic Language Goals for 15 Yr Old Son

by Susan

My son is 15 and he has ASD , autism with Asperger's Syndrome. I'm headed to his i.e.p meeting this Wednesday and I would like to know some ideas for pragmatic language goals for a child entering the tenth grade who has trouble expressing himself with words about his feelings and emotions , also he has a deficit in maintaining social relationships because he has a language Gap and an awkwardness socially because he does not pick up on facial cues and does not know how to keep conversation going once initiated.

he also answers adults with "yes or no" one word answers when there is a great need for detail or explanation in order. he gives blank stares and continues to repeat his one-word answer instead of elaborating when asked. my son is a charismatic smart and funny boy who makes friends easily but has trouble maintaining those friendships.

His phone etiquette is atrocious. He cannot carry on a conversation with a friend without me in the room helping him fill in the gaps in conversation. he comes to get me when a pal calls and has a look of panic on his face before he answers the phone when otherwise it should be a casual fun situation to talk to a buddy on the phone but that is not the case with my sweet boy.

Do you have any suggestions for pragmatic language goals to add for his fall semester? thanks.

My son's best Advocate and biggest fan,


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