Pediatric Stroke

by MLS
(Oneonta, NY)

My daughter had a stroke as a child.

She did have to re-learn how to speak. At this point, she is 15 and in high school and STILL going to speech therapy in the school.

She does not want to go anymore and I believe her time away from academics is too much with all of her other therapies (OT, PT).

When will she phase out of speech therapy? Wouldn't it seem that if her language scores have not changed in the last few years, she is where she is going to be?


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Mar 08, 2017
It's up to you what happens
by: Luke from HomeSpeechHome

It's possible that her language is where it is going to be, but the therapist there may still see small enough gains that s/he wants to keep your daughter in longer.

There is nothing wrong with you expressing these feelings/concerns w/ your daughter's therapist.

If you talk with you daughter and the therapist and feel that academics is more important at this point, then reduce her time or ask the therapist to put her on consult (which means the therapist will simply monitor your daughter vs. pulling her out of class for therapy on a consistent basis).

It's ultimately up to you what happens to your daughter.

I hope that gives you a few things to think about.


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