Opinion on a Speech/Language Evaluation Report, Please?

My son recently had a speech/language evaluation and I have just gotten the results back. I'd like to get an opinion on what I should do from here on, and what could be causing these problems.

My main concern is the language development. How is this corrected? Below are the results i'm concerned about. He doesn't read yet and hates to practice reading and writing, but he's only 5 so I'm taking it slowly.


The EXPRESSIVE ONE-WORD PICTURE VOCABULARY TEST-4 EOWPVT, and the RECEPTIVE ONE-WORD PICTURE VOCABULARY TEST-4 ROWPVT both came back as the 88th and 93rd percentile...so i'm guessing that is good.


STANDARD SCORE of 8 and an AVERAGE rating.

WORD FUNCTIONS average score of 14 and a rating of ABOVE AVERAGE

STANDARD SCORE of 5 POOR indicating he has challenges in his ability to produce grammatical morphemes and construct sentences accurately

STANDARD SCORE of 3 yielding an age equivalent of < 3.0 years with a rating of VERY POOR indicating the challenges he has in repeating sentences of varying syntactic complexity

STANDARD SCORE of 12 with a rating of AVERAGE

The results for each sub-test show the range of ratings from POOR to ABOVE AVERAGE indicating inconsistencies in ability to use the rules for the performance of language skills and by extension for the production of sounds accurately.

The overall test results rate him BELOW AVERAGE.

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Mar 03, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks anon for your response! Right now money is a little tight too afford the $100/30 minute fee (and he would need need to do 4 hr/month), so I'd definitely do it if money wasnt tight! But it is, and insurance doesnt cover it.

In my area there are no SLPs in the schools so the only option is private!

That website is one i've been using...very helpful! Thanks!

Mar 03, 2013
Sorry, just noticed your son is 5
by: Anonymous

Is he in public school? Private school? Home school?

At the age of 5, he is too old for early intervention services. Any services he's eligible for would be provided through the local school district.

His scores might not be low enough to be eligible for school-based speech therapy, though. School based speech and language therapy has to have an academic impact.

If he's in kindergarten and doing okay in the classroom, he would not be eligible for anything additional.

I would still contact his school though, and make sure his teacher and/or the SLP assigned to his school have a copy of his report. If you have an exceptionally kind and generous SLP at that school, she may even take the time to explain the report to you more thoroughly (even though she didn't write it).

Please remember she doesn't have to do this, and most school-based SLPs are insanely busy. But, most of us are also pretty nice, so there's a chance she might.

Good luck.

Mar 03, 2013
Try this
by: Anonymous

If you are determined to do it on your own, the site mommyspeechtherapy.com has a ton of very parent-friendly ideas.

As an SLP who makes her living doing speech therapy, naturally I hesitate when someone says therapy is "too expensive." Are you sure your private insurance won't cover it? Are you eligible for Medicaid?

Once your child is 3, take him to the local school district for an evaluation if his speech hasn't improved significantly.

This evaluation will be free.

If he is still scoring low enough, he may be eligible for therapy through the schools, although keep in mind that you have to sound pretty bad to be eligible for therapy through the schools. Can't just be a few sounds here and there.

Anyway, if he's eligible, that therapy will be free as well.

Hope this helps.

Mar 01, 2013
Thanks for your response
by: Anonymous

To Anon poster ^^

He had a Speech Eval due to his speech being very hard to understand and a few articulation areas.

Your right, after the evaluation (which was in person) I wasn't told anything except I'd get a report and suggestions on what to do.

I got the report with these results and the suggestion of speech therapy with said SLP.

I could not afford the prices so instead we have been doing a bit at home with things I find online.

I do see an improvement in his articulation.

Thanks for your response!

Feb 28, 2013
Missing Info
by: Anonymous

Who conducted this evaluation?

And why?

It is almost unheard of for evaluation results to be presented without recommendations also being given.

You shouldn't have to guess whether a score is good or not - whoever conducted the assessment should have sat down with you to explain/interpret the results.

Don't confuse standard scores with percentiles.

There's a big difference between a standard score of 88 or 93, and being in the 88th or 93rd percentiles.

From the way your question post is written, it appears as though you've gotten a written report, but haven't met with an SLP about it.

That seems suspect to me.

You shouldn't have to post on a message board to find out what test results mean. Call your SLP or provider and make them explain it to you in person.

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