50 Multi-Step Directions for Speech Therapy Practice

50 Multi-Step Directions for Speech Therapy Practice

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Multi-Step Directions

  • Cross your fingers, stand up, turn around in a circle, and wink at someone in the room.

  • Shake your head "No", count the chairs in the room, point to the corner of the room, and wiggle your fingers.

  • Snap your fingers 4 times, pretend to put a shirt on, tap your foot on the floor, and name something blue.

  • Sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", pretend to wash your hands, put your elbows on the table, and touch your nose.

  • Pretend to sneeze, walk to the door, count to 5, and sit down.

  • Blink your eyes, pretend to take your watch off, name a shape, and say "Look over there."

  • Wave with one hand, say "Hello", stand up, and shake your head "yes".

  • Name something that is red, put both hands in the air, put your hand over your mouth, and count to 8.

  • Point to a light in the room, touch your toes, name a color, pat yourself on the head.

  • Put your hands over your eyes, stand up, jump up and down 3 times, and then sit down on your hands.

  • Pretend to comb your hair, put your hand on your shoulder, name a color, and wave at me.

  • Clap 3 times, pretend to drive a car, give someone a high 5, and give a thumbs up.

  • Point to the door, take a deep breath, say a number, touch your shoulders 3 times.

  • Snap your fingers 2 times, close your eyes, name 2 of your friends, and say the ABC's.

  • Count the people in the room, touch your knees 2 times, put your hands on your hips, and pretend to tie your shoe.

  • Tap your finger on the table, tell me your favorite color, scratch your head, pretend to talk on the phone.

  • Say "Eat your vegetables", slap the table, quack like a duck, and count to 10.

  • Look at the person next to you, stand up, hop 2 times, and take a bow.

  • Say "Watermelon", tell me your favorite color, cover your ears with your hands, and wave "goodbye."

  • Give someone a high five, sit down on the floor, say your favorite food, put your hand over your mouth.

  • Blink your eyes 3 times, stand up, jump up and down 2 times, and wink at someone.

  • Bark like a dog, give 2 thumbs up, snap your fingers 3 times, and pretend to eat a piece of candy.

  • Say "Donuts are sweet", tap your foot 4 times, look at the person next to you, and clap your hands twice.

  • Shake your head "Yes", stand up, hop 4 times, and touch your knee.

  • Put your hands over your ears, plug your nose, snap your fingers 2 times, and pretend to wash your face.

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  • Touch your toes 3 times, count to 7, say "Good Luck", and spell your name.

  • Name 3 animals, say your age, hold up 3 fingers, and count the people in the room.

  • Close your eyes, stand up, say your name, and shake your head "no."

  • Pretend to open a present, snap your fingers 2 times, say "Hello", and pretend to put on your glasses.

  • Touch your toes, put your hands on your head, pretend to eat a piece of candy, and say "this is sticky."

  • Touch your elbows together, hop to the door, walk on your tip toes, and clap your hands 4 times.

  • Smile, hold up 3 fingers, look at the person next to you, and pretend to take off your hat.

  • Say a number, stand up, meow like a cat, tap your foot 2 times.

  • Put your hands on your head, say "Speech is cool", clap your hands 2 times, and pretend to cry.

  • Laugh out loud, say a shape, jump up and down 5 times, pretend to put on your glasses.

  • Pat yourself on the back, close your eyes, say a word that ends in "y", and give a thumbs up sign.

  • Turn around 2 times, cross your fingers, moo like a cow, and look up at the ceiling.

  • Walk to the door, say "It smells funny in here", clap your hands 1 time, and rub your shoulder.

  • Hold up 5 fingers, look at your neighbor, say "These are my fingers", and then put your head on the table.

  • Put your hands on your elbows, count to 10, knock on the table, and say "Good morning."

  • Say a letter, put one hand on your head, snap your fingers 2 times with the other hand, and blink.

  • Flap your arms, say "I'm flying", clap 2 times, and say "I'm tired."

  • Pretend to throw a ball, hiss like a snake, count to 3, tap your foot 2 times.

  • Wiggle your fingers, lift both hands above your head, close your hands, and say "That's it."

  • Grab your ears, say "I can't hear you", give 2 thumbs up, say a shape.

  • Name 1 friend, say your favorite movie, say what you ate for dinner last night, snap your fingers 2 times.

  • Put your hands behind your back, say "I'm tied up", close your eyes, and laugh.

  • Snort like a pig, say "That's gross", pretend to drive a car, and then blink 2 times.

  • Touch your shoulders, growl like a lion, knock on the table, click your heels together.

  • Touch your knees, hold up 8 fingers, pretend to sneeze, and say "Goodnight everyone."

This list of functional words was professionally selected to be the most useful for a child or adult who has difficulty with this language principle.

We encourage you to use this list when practicing at home.

Home practice will make progress toward meeting individual language goals much faster.

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are only able to see students/clients 30-60 mins (or less) per week.

This is not enough time or practice for someone to strengthen their understanding of this important language concept.

Every day that your loved one goes without practice it becomes more difficult to help them. 

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Speech therapy books for targeting multiple goals

We know life is busy , but if you're reading this you're probably someone who cares about helping their loved one as much as you can.

Practice 5-10 minutes whenever you can, but try to do it on a consistent basis (daily).

Please, please, please use this list to practice.

It will be a great benefit to you and your loved one's progress.

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