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Hello im a 21 year old male and have had a lisp for the past 4.5 years.

It began when i had my 1st premolar tooth extracted, it gave me a frontal lisp and it was like that for around 6 months then i had the great idea that if i put my tongue back behind my teeth it would fix the lisp so that's what i did but that just changed it from a frontal lisp to a dentalised lisp.

Unknown to me at the time was that the frontal lisp had gave me a tongue thrust which had in turn pushed my bottom 4 front teeth forward slightly which meant that when i spoke instead of my bottom teeth going up behind my front teeth they instead caught on to them and i was unable to close my mouth properly.

My front teeth are the only ones which touch when i speak, there is a small gap between all the others in my mouth, so my question is do you think that getting the teeth pushed back so they are inline with the others will fix the problem as then all my teeth will come together properly and i will have correct jaw movement, the lisp isn't that noticeable but it does make me very self conscious.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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