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L Words
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L Blend Words
(syllables below)

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Initial L by Syllables

Medial L by Syllables

Final L by Syllables

Initial L Phrases and Sentences

tall ladder

pretty lady

beautiful lake

baby lamb

burning lamp

open land

laugh hard

laundry basket

lazy day

orange leaf

pipe leak

tired leg

cut lemon

hanging light

bright lightning

big lion

pink lips

shopping list

listen carefully

green lizard

gate lock

big log

long path

look out

hand lotion

real love

lunch time

nice letter

small ladybug

lucky win

loose pants

Use the ladder to reach the fruit.

The lady is beautiful.

The lake has mountains around it.

The lamb is so cute.

They used a candle in the lamp.

There were many acres of land.

I laugh every time I see him on TV.

The laundry basket is full.

He decided to be lazy today.

The leaf fell from the tree.

The leak is in the kitchen.

He hoped his leg wouldn't cramp.

He squeezed lemon on his fish.

Turn the light on please.

Lightning touched the ground.

The lion was hungry.

She has pink lips.

He wrote everything on the list.

Listen with the headphones.

The lizard moves fast.

They used a lock on the gate.

He made the seat out of a log.

It is a long walk to the beach.

She wanted to look over the field.

She put lotion on her hands.

They really love each other.

She ate lunch outside.

He wrote a nice letter to his mom.

The ladybug crawls in the grass.

He felt lucky to have won the race.

My pants are too loose, I need a belt.

Medial L Phrases and Sentences

alarm clock

helium balloon

big belly

bowling match

brown buffalo

yearly calendar

crunchy celery

dry elbow

baby elephant

number eleven

close envelope

long eyelash

happy family

fruit jelly

month of July

marshmallow snacks

black olive

soft pillows

airline pilot

hungry polar bear

sailor hat

healthy salad

tied shoelace

silly girl

classical violin

leather wallet

yellow crayon

police ready

pretty wallpaper

cute sea lion

one dollar

cold Iceland

white toilet

He pushed the button on the alarm.

The balloon floated in the sky.

He ate so much his belly hurt.

She beat her friends bowling.

We saw a herd of buffalo at Yellowstone National Park.

Use a calendar to find the date.

Celery is a great snack.

She put lotion on her elbow.

The elephant sprayed himself.

She lived in apartment number eleven.

Put the letter in the envelope.

She puts glitter on each eyelash.

The family was very happy.

Do you want some strawberry jelly?

We are going on vacation in July.

The marshmallow is soft and white.

Oil is dripping from the olive.

That is a big stack of pillows.

The pilot is ready to take off.

The polar bear looked for food.

A sailor spends many hours on his ship.

We ordered a salad for lunch.

Tie your shoelace before jogging.

She is being silly today.

She played the violin for her friend.

The wallet is full of money.

She colored the sun yellow.

Police were ready to help the people.

They just put new wallpaper in their house.

The sea lion sat on the sand.

I bought my drink with one dollar.

We will visit Iceland next week.

The toilet is next to the tub.

Final L Phrases and Sentences

month of April

dribble the ball

baseball glove

desk bell

soup bowl

Brazil South America

phone call

fall down

whole file

steep hill

tiny hole

mail delivery

big muscle

long nail

night owl

short pencil

swimming pool

playful seal

beautiful shell

packed snowball

dog tail

tall building

dentist's tool

bath towel

killer whale

custom wheel

angry yell

smooth heel

rock wall

My birthday is in April.

He shot the ball at the buzzer.

He loved to play baseball.

He used the spotted bowl for his lunch.

Tourists go to Brazil in the summer.

She made a call to her mom.

Be careful not to slip and fall.

Using a file makes your heel smooth.

I am too tired to climb the hill.

I have a hole in my sock.

The mail came this morning.

His muscle is so big.

Pound the nail with a hammer.

The owl is sitting in the tree.

He needs to sharpen his pencil.

We swim in the pool at night.

The seal rolled over on his back.

I found a beautiful shell on the beach.

She threw a snowball at him.

The dog's tail is straight.

That building is so tall.

The dentist used the tool to pull teeth.

The baby snuggled in his towel.

The killer whale jumped high in the air.

The chrome wheel is shiny.

We did not know he could yell that loud.

Using a file makes your heel smooth.

She likes to climb on the wall.

L Reading Paragraphs

Jungle Safety

April the elephant lived in Brazil. Her friends Lucy the Lizard and Lexie the Owl liked to be lazy. They would play on the log in the lake, take extra long lunches, and dig holes.

Then they met Albert the Whale, near a pool of water, by the ocean. Albert told them that it is okay to laugh, be silly, and lazy sometimes, but it was dangerous to do in the jungle.

Albert told them eleven ways that would help them be safer. April, Lucy, and Lexie listened and learned how to be more safe.

After Albert finished talking, the three friends yelled, "Thank you," to him as he swam away.

Laundry Day

Lynn loved to do laundry. In fact, she would call her family to tell them every time she did laundry! She would watch baseball on the couch with her pillow and a bowl of green salad whenever she did laundry.

She looked at her calendar and it said laundry was this Saturday. She called her family to tell them. Her mom told her she did not want to listen to her talk about laundry. 

"We can talk about lotion, lightning, or polar bears, I do not care! Just not laundry," she said.

"But I have some new shoelaces and a towel that I am washing with my laundry today," Lynn said.

"Please, no more laundry talk. I'm going on a long walk to think about ladders and marshmallows. That should keep my mind off of laundry."

Fireworks Show

Dale jumped up when he heard his alarm. Today was the fourth of July and he could not wait to watch the firework show!

He found a tall hill that he could watch the show from very well. He and his family ate lunch on the hill, threw a ball around, and played silly games all day until it was time for the show.

The fireworks were bright and loud like lightning. Dale liked to look at all of the different colors that lit up the sky.

After the show was over he got a call from his Uncle Larry. Uncle Larry studied leaves in Brazil and called to ask Dale about the firework show. Dale told his Uncle how great the show had been.

Uncle Larry laughed and said, "That is wonderful! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. We'll see, maybe I can visit next year."

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Initial BL by Syllable

Medial BL by Syllable

Final BL by Syllable

Initial BL Phrases and Sentences

black crayon

plaid blanket

red blindfold

fast blink

painful blister

snow blizzard

wooden blocks

blue crayon

chirping bluebird

He is using the black crayon.

She used a blanket to keep warm.

She could not see with the blindfold on.

The bright light made her blink.

She got a blister from her new shoes.

The blizzard lasted for three days.

The children played with wooden blocks.

He used a blue crayon to color a sky.

The bluebird sang in the garden.

Medial BL Phrases and Sentences

babbling baby

gambling man

stone goblin

stop mumbling

nibbling a cracker

bad nosebleed

big problem

sore shoulder blade

younger sibling

The baby was babbling.

Gambling can be risky.

The goblin is made of stone.

He is mumbling about something.

He was nibbling on a cracker.

She tried to stop her nosebleed.

It is a problem that my car is in water.

He lifted less weight so it would not hurt his shoulder blade.

The sister takes care of her younger sibling.

Final BL Phrases and Sentences

Holy Bible

perfect bubble

clothing label

glass marble

round pebble

scrambled eggs

horse stable

dining table

in trouble

She read her Bible daily.

She made the perfect bubble.

Every shirt has a label.

I found a marble on the floor.

We saw a pebble in the sand.

He had scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Horses live in a stable.

They had dinner at the table.

The girl is in trouble.

BL Reading Paragraphs

Goblin in a Blizzard

The movie was about a blue goblin. He was in trouble because he got caught in a blizzard. The blizzard was so bad, it was like the goblin had a blindfold on over his eyes.

This was a problem for the goblin because he was not used to cold weather. After stumbling around in the blizzard, the goblin saw a cabin.

Inside he found a blanket, made a fire, and cooked some scrambled eggs. He had a blister on his shoulder blade from the back pack he was carrying, but he was glad that he found the cabin. After nibbling on his scrambled eggs, he fell asleep.

The Blink Dance

Able gave his sibling, Blake, a nosebleed. It was an accident.

They were playing marbles on the kitchen table. After Able lost a game he started mumbling. Blake jumped up on the table and started doing the blink dance. That was when the trouble began.

When Blake started blinking his eyes, he became unstable and lost his balance. Able tried to grab him before he fell, but it was too late. Blake fell face first onto the black coffee table hitting his nose on it.

When their mom came home from Bible study, she was mad to see blood all over the carpet. She asked the two siblings what had happened. Blake got into a lot of trouble when his mom found out he had danced on the table. 

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Initial CL / KL by Syllable

Medial CL / KL by Syllable

Final CL / KL by Syllable

Initial CL / KL Phrases and Sentences

clam shells

happy clap

science class

sharp claw

clean sink

climb up

wall clock

big closet

new clothes

The clam shells are open.

People clap when a performance is over.

Science class is fun.

The lizard's claw was sharp.

She uses gloves to clean her sink.

She likes to climb a rock wall.

She saw a clock on the wall.

No one has a bigger closet in the house.

She shopped for new clothes.

Medial CL / KL Phrases and Sentences

weekly book club

cycling together

kitchen dishcloth

express dry clean

yellow duckling

silver necklace

eight o'clock

prickly cactus

ticklish stomach

They are sharing stories with their book club.

They love cycling on the trail.

He is drying with a dishcloth.

She has to dry clean people's clothes.

Her yellow duckling was precious.

She is holding her necklace.

Her alarm rang at eight o'clock.

Watch out, the cactus is prickly.

Her mom knows where she is ticklish.

Final CL / KL Phrases and Sentences

sore ankle

blue bicycle

belt buckle

circle of hands

freckle face

one knuckle

one nickel

sour pickle

ocean snorkel

Her ankle is sore from a slip.

His bicycle is the blue one.

The belt buckle is gold.

They made a circle with their hands.

Her freckle face is gorgeous.

She had a bruise on her knuckle.

She gave me a nickel for change.

I want a pickle with lunch.

He saw many fish using his snorkel.

CL / KL Reading Paragraphs


The ocean is a great place to catch clams. Today, Clay woke up at five o'clock, grabbed his fishing clothes and blue belt buckle from the closet, and ate a pickle for breakfast. He hopped on his bike and started cycling. He only lived a mile from the ocean.

When he got to the beach he noticed a nickel on the ground and picked it up. Surprisingly, it was clean.

As he walked closer to the shore he saw a pile of clothes, a gold necklace, an ankle bracelet, and a snorkel. He looked out into the ocean and saw his friend Cloey. She was swimming in the ocean.

"Hi Cloey," he said.

"Hi Clay, what are you doing," she replied.

"I came to fish for clams," he said.

"That is called clamming," Cloey explained.

"Really?" said Clay, "I did not know that." "I guess you're never too old to learn something," he said, "Let's go clamming then."

The two friends grabbed the clam cages, walked to Clay's favorite spot, and started clamming.

Climbing Mt. Clap

Looking over his shoulder, Clark could see for miles. The sky was clear and blue. He had climbed 8,000 feet and was only half way to the top of Mount Clap.

His knuckles were white, his hands were cold. The higher he climbed the colder he got. He checked his map to make sure he wasn't climbing in circles. He had seen many animals - including a duck with her ducklings. He hoped he would be able to climb to the top of the mountain where he would see everything.

During his climb, he had rubbed his ankle on a prickly plant and it scratched him really bad. Clark wanted to be brave and so he kept on climbing. He felt like making the climb would be worth the view and the memories.

"My friends in the book club will not believe that I did this," he thought, "We have only talked about doing this, but no one ever wanted to do it."

Clark wanted to reach his goal even if his ankle was in a little pain. He turned back towards the mountain and kept climbing. 

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Initial GL by Syllables

Medial GL by Syllables

Final GL by Syllables

Initial GL Phrases and Sentences

big glacier

very glad

water glass

wear glasses

shiny glitter

blue globe

leather glove

glow in the dark

white glue

The ship passed a big glacier.

He is glad to see his mom.

Pour me a glass of water, please.

His glasses helped him see.

Glitter is all over her face and neck.

She showed them on the globe.

Her glove will keep her hand warm.

She has glow in the dark lips.

The glue spilled on the paper.

Medial GL Phrases and Sentences

red boxing gloves

small hourglass

round igloo

pro juggler

big magnifying glass

pink piglet

yellow rubber gloves

metal spyglass

yellow sunglasses

He took off his boxing gloves.

The hourglass has blue sand in it.

They made an igloo out of snow.

The juggler is using knives.

He looks for bugs with his magnifying glass.

The baby piglet is cute.

Rubber gloves protect your hands.

The spyglass helps me see far away.

She wore sunglasses to the beach.

Final GL Phrases and Sentences

onion bagel

beagle puppy

bugle solo

soaring eagle

giggle and laugh

illegal work

juggle balls

family snuggle

He chose a fresh baked onion bagel.

A beagle obeys his owner.

He plays his bugle in school.

A soaring eagle was looking for food.

She began to giggle at the joke.

Breaking into cars is illegal.

She likes to juggle at the beach.

Their family wanted to snuggle.

GL Reading Paragraphs

Glen's Best Friend

Glen was glad he had built his igloo by Glacier Pass. From there he could watch eagles fly all day long.

Glen studied eagle feathers. He did this with a magnifying glass that was part of a special tool kit. He had to be careful that his beagle, Gloria, did not bark too much or it would scare the eagles away.

Glen was glad that Gloria was with him though. She was a good beagle. She would wiggle at night when he was trying to sleep, but they would snuggle and Gloria would keep him warm.

Sometimes Gloria would lick his nose and make him giggle. Glen was glad that Gloria was with him.

Amazing Juggler

I have seen a man on Glendon Street who likes to juggle bagels. Really! It does not matter what type or flavor of bagel either.

It could be an old bagel, a new bagel, a large bagel, or a small bagel.

One day, I was passing by and watching him. He looked at me and said, "I can juggle your sunglasses."

"What?" I said.

"Let me see your sunglasses," he replied.

I gave my sunglasses to him and said, "Be careful, those are new."

"Do not worry," he said. Then he did something I would have never thought. He put on some boxing gloves, grabbed my sunglasses and some bagels and began to juggle all of them. It was amazing!

"I'm so good at juggling, it should be illegal," he said. I told him he could entertain people around the globe with his talent for juggling. I was so impressed with his juggling skills, I invited him to lunch. He accepted and we went and had a bite to eat together. 

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Initial FL by Syllables

Medial FL by Syllables

Final FL by Syllables

Initial FL Phrases and Sentences

checkered flag

Battery flashlight

orange flippers

float in water

wood floor

dental floss

potted flowers

play the flute

pesky fly

He waved the checkered flag.

The flashlight lit up the room.

Flippers help you go fast in water.

She likes to float in the water.

The wood floor made the room look great.

He cleans his teeth with floss.

The potted flowers were colorful.

He practiced his flute every day.

The fly is on the flower.

Medial FL Phrases and Sentences

orange butterfly

camouflage uniform

fresh cauliflower

bowl of cornflakes

blue dragonfly

beach flip-flops

dirty housefly

winter snowflake

yellow sunflower

The butterfly rested on a stem.

The whole troop wore camouflage uniforms.

She cut up cauliflower for a snack.

She had cornflakes for breakfast.

The dragonfly was blue and pretty.

She wore her flip-flops on the beach.

The housefly is on the flower.

Every snowflake is different.

A sunflower grew in the garden.

Final FL Phrases and Sentences

be careful

happy and cheerful

colorful wig

graceful dancer

handful of berries

harmful chemicals

big mouthful

painful ache

shuffle cards

Be careful you do not slip.

Everyone always thinks she is cheerful.

For her costume she wore a colorful wig.

The way she moves is so graceful.

He shared his handful of berries.

Be careful, those chemicals are harmful.

She had a mouthful of pizza.

Her toothache was painful.

Shuffle the cards before we play.

FL Reading Paragraphs

Covered in Butterflies

It was a normal morning for Floyd. He sat on his tile floor and ate a bowl of cornflakes, watered his sunflowers, and played a song on his flute.

He was careful not to give his sunflowers too much water. Too much water can be harmful to sunflowers. He really liked his sunflowers. They made him cheerful.

Right after he watered the sunflowers, he watched as a butterfly landed on them. Then another. Then another. Pretty soon his sunflowers were covered with butterflies. He had never seen anything so colorful before.

He took a picture of his flowers covered in butterflies. Later, he put it in a picture frame, on the wall, next to his flute. He always wanted to remember that day.

Special Flippers

Wearing flippers will not help you float, but they will help you swim better! Flynn was a scuba diving teacher who took good care of his flippers. They were special. They were camouflage.

He had bought them at a special store after his other pair gave him a painful blister. They were the best flippers he ever had. He was excited to use them on his scuba diving trip in the morning.

The night before his trip, he was flossing after some cauliflower had got stuck in his teeth at dinner. While flossing he remembered that he needed to pack a flashlight and his flip-flops for the trip. Without his flashlight, the trip would not be as fun because he would not be able to see all of the sea flowers under the water. Without his flip-flops he would not be able to walk anywhere off the boat.

"Phew! I'm glad I remembered those," he thought. After he finished flossing, he laid down and dreamed about his adventure in the morning. 

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Initial PL by Syllables

Medial PL by Syllables

Final PL by Syllables

Initial PL Phrases and Sentences

planet earth

garden plant

play together

new playground

say please

metal pliers

white plug

purple plum

plus sign

We live on planet earth.

She watched the plant grow.

The boys play together every day.

The playground opens every day.

It is polite to say please.

Cut the wire with pliers.

My TV has a white plug.

I'm going to eat a plum.

Use a plus sign to add.

Medial PL Phrases and Sentences

jet airplane

thunderous applause

fresh applesauce

strongly complain

explore nature

warm fireplace

desk stapler

green stoplight

file upload

We flew in an airplane.

The cast loved the applause from the audience.

Mom just made fresh applesauce.

He is going to complain about his salad.

They used binoculars to explore the country.

The fireplace heated the whole house.

My stapler is on my desk.

The stoplight turned green.

Upload the file to your computer.

Final PL Phrases and Sentences

red apple

married couple

crumple paper

deep dimple

maple syrup

new people

purple crayon

metal scalpel

staple papers

An apple is a healthy snack.

They were a married couple.

You should recycle paper not crumple it.

She had dimples on both cheeks.

I love maple syrup on my pancakes.

There are many people in a city.

I'm going to color the flowers purple.

The doctor uses a scalpel in surgery.

Staple your papers to keep them together.

PL Reading Paragraphs

Planet Project

Danny made a model of the planets for his science project. He complained, at first, after he was given the assignment, but as he explored the planets they became much more interesting to him.

He made his planet model using paper mache, staples, and some old plugs. He used pliers and wire to connect them all together.

He wrote a plus sign on the three planets that were closest to the sun. He painted four of the planets purple. He painted the rest of them green. He wanted people to appreciate the uniqueness of his project.

He did not play after school for two weeks in order to complete it. After he finished presenting the project, Tim's class applauded and he was pleased.

"This went so well. I'll try not to complain the next time I get assigned a project," he thought.

First Airplane Ride

It was Tammy's first time on an airplane. She was nervous. A couple of other people she had talked to said they were nervous too. She had so many questions about flying.

Were there stoplights in the sky?

Were clouds more purple if you fly higher?

Could we explore space in this airplane?

She pulled an apple from her backpack and started eating. A stewardess asked her if she wanted some apple juice.

"Yes please," she said. Eating the apple was making her less nervous. She began listening to the music she had uploaded to her music player. One song was about a maple tree. It made her smile.

"You have nice dimples," a girl sitting next to her said.

"Thank you," said Tammy.

"I left my music player on the fireplace at my house," the girl said.

"We can share if you want," said Tammy, "as long as you do not mind listening to songs about maple trees."

The two of them laughed, listened to the music, and enjoyed the airplane ride together. 

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Initial SL by Syllables

Medial SL by Syllables

Final SL by Syllables

Initial SL Phrases and Sentences

fast sled

light sleep

shirt sleeve

playground slide

toy slingshot

fuzzy slippers

dog slobber

lazy sloth

drive slow

He went fast downhill on his sled.

Sleep on the couch for a nap.

He fixed the sleeve under his coat.

He went fast down the slide.

His mom let him play with a slingshot.

She left her fuzzy slippers on the couch.

No one likes dog slobber.

Sloths hang upside down in trees.

Drive slow, children are playing.

Medial SL Phrases and Sentences

fast asleep

race bobsled

metal bracelet

dogsled race

big mudslide

quiet ski slope

English translator

loud whistling

wrestling match

The girl was fast asleep.

Bobsled is a sporting event.

Her grandmother gave her the bracelet.

The dogsled team was out in front.

Stay far away from the mudslide.

He was excited to get on the ski slope.

Our translator speaks 4 languages.

He is whistling at the car.

The boys are in the championship wrestling match.

Final SL Phrases and Sentences

tiny blood vessel

vitamin capsule

kings castle

ancient fossil

hustle up

big missile

big muscle

short pencil

wrestle me

You can see the blood vessel on her eyelid.

She prefers to take a vitamin capsule.

The castle is on top of a cliff.

The fossil is of a fish.

He will get tackled if he doesn't hustle.

The truck has a missile on the back.

His muscle is so big.

He needs to sharpen his pencil.

The sumo's are starting to wrestle.

SL Reading Paragraphs

Dogsled Racing

I have a dog named Sylvester but we call him "Sly" for short. When we wrestle he likes to lick and slobber on me. We compete in dogsled races.

Dogsled races are hard work and we don't sleep much when we train for them. We don't go slow, we hustle...for many days. Some days it is hard not to fall asleep on the trail.

I talk to Sly through words and whistling.

Dogsled races can be dangerous. One time we almost got caught in a mudslide and another time I pulled a muscle and needed help from another dogsled team. 

Sly and I help each other though. He is my best friend.

A Spy in Pajamas

My friend Sloan sleeps a lot. He told me about a crazy dream he had yesterday.

In the dream, he was a spy. He was being chased by bad guys on sleds down a ski slope. He had taken an expensive bracelet and destroyed the bad guys' castle.

The bad guys were launching missiles at him and trying to slow him down.

When Sloan reached for something to defend himself, all he could find was a slingshot. He fired rocks from the slingshot as fast as he could.

The bad guys began to laugh at him. Not because of the slingshot, but because Sloan was doing all of this wearing pajamas and pink bunny slippers.

Sloan didn't care though.

He remembered he had a special capsule that could help him. He reached up his sleeve, grabbed the capsule, and ate it.

A few seconds after he ate the capsule, Sloan was invisible. The bad guys couldn't see him. Just as he was about to escape, he woke up. It was a funny dream.

This list of functional words was professionally selected to be the most useful for a child or adult who has difficulty with producing the "L" sound.

We encourage you to use this list when practicing at home.

Doing home practice will help your child make much faster progress toward correct production.

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are only able to see students/clients 30-60 mins (or less) per week.

This is not enough time for your child to overcome an articulation disorder with the "L" sound. But with high caseloads...

...it's all SLPs can do.

There's only so much time in the day.

Every day that your child goes without practice  it becomes more and more difficult  to correct an "L" error because he / she continues to say it incorrectly. 

We know life is busy , but if you're reading this you're probably someone who cares about helping their loved one as much as you can.

Practice 5-10 minutes whenever you can, but try to do it on a consistent basis (daily).

Please, please, please use this list to practice.

It will be a great benefit to you and your loved one's progress.

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