K Sound as KL in "Cloud"

I have just purchased your book "12 ways to teach a K sound", but I have not been able to find a solution for my child's problem. She is a 3 year old who is pronouncing K as KL in cloud, and G as GL in glad.

Also, she seems to put too much effort in pronouncing these, so it sounds a bit like coughing. We have just started to visit a specialist, and she said it might have to do with her third tonsil, and the fact that she had frequent ear infections when she was a toddler.

Could you point me to a place in your book where I can find some exercises, or advise me in other way how to help my girl relax her throat while pronouncing these sounds.

Her other sounds are O.K., she has troubles with r, but we were told that that is O.K. for her age.

Thank you for the lovely web site and all the advice you provide.

Dusica Filipovic Durdevic

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