Is Therapy Appropriate Now?

by Cathy

I am seeing an 8 year old boy for correction of a frontal lisp.

The young man has good placement and what I consider to be good production of the /s/ in words and sentences, and conversation.

His mother is concerned that his /s/ is not "clear" all of the time.

Here is the catch.

They boy has had both of his upper canine teeth extracted, therefore air is escaping laterally.

Should I continue working with him, trying to occlude the gaps with the sides of his tongue or would you recommend waiting until his teeth come in?

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Jan 21, 2013
Don't need teeth for /s/ production
by: Anonymous

Air should not be escaping laterally anyway. It should be midline. Missing canines should not be a concern if positioning is proper.

Use speech viewing videos and images to see what is the same and different with his speech - some are available on this great website.

If he is concerned with getting his /s/, he will "get it". If not, then why is he attending therapy?

Is it relevant to his life?

Does he care?

THAT is usually the determinant factor.

Jan 16, 2013
Similar situation
by: Gwyn H

I had a similar situation with a client who had no front teeth.

I discharged her artic goals while I'm waiting for her permanent teeth to appear. Luckily, she also has language goals, so that is our focus now.

I will resume artic therapy when all structures are intact.

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