Intensive Interaction Therapy

by Kerry
(South Wales UK)

I am looking after a 30 year old male L' with autistic tendencies who also has challenging behaviours.

I involved some time ago a speech and language therapist who has now retired.

Part of her programme was to undertake intensive interaction therapy whereby we mimicked what L' did i.e. if he clapped we would clap, if he was loud and excited we would also be, the intention being for him to lead with situational control.

This programme was set for a specified time only i.e. 15 minutes a day. One of his occasional habits was spitting and blowing raspberries when he was over excited, he seemed to like the sensation on his lips.

However, this can be unpleasant for people around him, so I tried a paper surgical mask on him with ear loops to see if the sensation reverberated back to him satisfied him and also meant others were not uncomfortable around him.

Although he laughed when I did this he took it straight off as obviously it was strange to him. Could you suggest an alternative and would I have been thinking along the wrong lines re: his possible reaction to sound and spit reverberation?

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