Helping My Father With Speech Therapy


My father had a major stroke last summer (almost a year ago now), and he has expressive and receptive aphasia. He has weekly cognitive therapy sessions, and does cognitive therapy exercises for a couple hours daily on his iPad.

Aside from the exercises he does on his iPad, his last speech therapist said that reading aloud does help.

I live on the other side of the country, but I'm trying to help with his speech therapy over the phone. Five days a week, he reads a page of a story aloud to me, and I correct him as he has difficulty with words.

He's made steady progress over the past year, and he can read a paragraph with only a couple stumbles. However, he isn't able to recall what happens in the paragraph. This makes sense to me, of course, given how difficult it is for him to read sentences aloud.

I can tell his concentration is on pronouncing the words correctly. He's embarrassed and apologetic that he can't recall the information in the paragraph. I wonder if there's something I could better help him with information recall.

Any advice you have is welcome.

Thank you.

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