Does My 26 Month Old Have a Speech Delay

by lisa

Hi my son just turned 26 months. He is a very active,happy toddler. He knows how to do puzzles and climb and go down a slide. He understands everything I say to him..Like give mommy a kiss, Give mommy a big hug, Sit down Get your shoes And a lot of other stuff.

He can repeat about everything I say and can repeat alot of 2 word phrases. The problem is he does not iniate talking on his own. He does not ask for things or know how to really talk on his own.

He has a friend who is 25 months and this little boy talks,asks questions and can tell when hes hungry or thirsty. My son can correctly name about 50 flashcards and if i ask what something is he can tell me.

He is still only using single words, should i be concerned.also he doesnt point to things or know how to let me know he wants something he usually just grabs my hand and takes me to what he wants. He has just started saying yes and no but doesnt use it in context.

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