DLD in 3 year old

by Surabhi
(New Delhi )

My daughter has just turned 3. Most of her speech is unintelligible to most of us. She is an active and bright child who knows how to count till 20 and back to 1.

She can identify shapes, colors and can spell around 15 words. She tries to read by applying phonetics as she understands them. However as far as telling us basic things are concerned she just whines and points.

We put in her play school 7 months back but there is little improvement. She isn't able to interact with children her age except for running around or physical play. We have just started speech therapy for her and her SLP believes its ADD with DLD.

My question is, is speech therapy going to be effective in her case? How long does speech therapy take before children are better able to express themselves? I can see how she gets frustrated when we don't understand what she is saying and it breaks my heart.

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