Bilingualism and Speech Delay

by Kavita Sreekumar


I am a mother of a 3 year old son.

My son's vocabulary may be around 100 words most of them unclear, although his vocabulary is increasing day by day he is finding it very difficult to put the two syllable in a two syllabic word together.

Like for "good night" he will say "night" he can say "good" individually but together he will pick the last syllable only (here "night").

He had been into speech therapy but there was little improvement according to the speech therapist he has problems with planning and have prescribed some oral exercises.

According to the speech therapist he is now going to play school but he is not at all cooperating with the teacher the moment the other kids start reciting rhymes he starts crying.

But at home there is improvement. According to your assessment WIPUL he is fine. But now a days he has become very adamant.

One more concern is that we live in a bilingual circumstance. Do you insist on using the same language in and out of school?

Pls help really worried parent.

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Jun 11, 2014
Bilingualism and Speech delay
by: Rosario

If you can, get a second opinion/evaluation from another Speech-Language Pathologist, preferably bilingual (one who speaks the 2 languages your kid is exposed to), then go from there. Does your kid have a diagnosis of verbal or speech apraxia?

Also, if you are exposing your kid to 2 languages try to keep the "one person one language" premise where you will use one language to address him instead of mixing both,and whoever else is at home may want to do the same, even if the language spoken by the other person is different than the one you use.

You don't have to just use one language with your kid everywhere (i.e. school and home). He can be exposed to 2 different languages simultaneously (i.e. one at school and a different one at home, or 2 different ones at home by 2 different people)but keeping the one language one person rule usually helps.

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