Baby Doesn't Babble at 11 Months

by Jasmine
(Vancouver, Canada)

I'm worried about something and I'm hoping you have some advice for me. My son is 11 months old and doesn't babble one word ! He makes a squeaky sound when he gets excited , he makes a certain noise when he wants to tell us he is sleepy , when he wants something that we holding he does a fake cough and taps on the table when he wants more food.

He jumps up and down (when we are holding him ) if we sing a certain song ( he completely knows the song ) , turn his head when we call him, laughs when we do voice while reading books, and when we say mama and dada he stares at our lips and eventually grabs them . Is there a way to encourage him ?

We read books for him and sing lots of songs , repeat Words with him in front of the mirror. It worries me that he has zero interest in trying to repeat sounds . He stares at us for repeating thou . If we blow raspberries he laughs and does the same . He does repeat other stuff like if he is in his excersaucer and we start flipping the toys he immediately starts grabbing the same thing repeat it . He easily communicates without babbling.

If he is full he starts offering us his food, if he is hungry he points at the food we are holding and goes eh eh eh eh like a fake cough , if he is sleepy he goes eeeeeee noise . I know I'm over worrying and I'm obsessing over stuff but it's odd to me . Other than that he is super happy and friendly and loves playing with pretty much everyone !

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