Asymmetrical speech in 2.5 year old

by Liz


My son was in speech therapy at 2 and therapist advise we go it alone at around 2 and 2 months. He was progressing quickly on his own and they felt he would be ok. He is still progressing, just struggling with finishing the last consonant on words (dog sounds like da etc). Speech therapist thought that his delay had been due to an ear infection that went undiagnosed for about 3 months from 18 month - 21 month (no fever, no complaining... I had no idea!) when he got on antibiotics he started talking, and stopped making the really loud noises he had used to communicate with before.

So I noticed the last month that he speaks out of one side of his mouth much more than the other. His smile is symmetrical, but just when he is talking he opens and uses one side much more. Is this something I should be concerned about?

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