by Tanya

My 6 year old has been taking speech since she was 3 1/2 and she still slurs most of her words when she is just talking. I'm pretty much the only one who asks her to slow down and repeat herself.

Generally you can understand her so people don't bother. The only letter she can not say correctly when you isolate words is "R".

The rest just seems to be laziness because when you ask her to repeat and slow down takes her getting mad or irritated and then it comes through super super clear!!! I don't know what to do anymore. It's exhausting talking with her.

She also struggles explaining or defining things. She just says "that thing... that thing that he had" and you are somehow supposed to figure it out.

I'm wondering if I went to private speech if things would be different. Basically the speech therapist just works on the letter/sounds that that age is to be working on. Because she does so well when just saying one word they always say she is doing so well.

But if she is just talking in a conversation she just barely starts or finishes most words. The middle sound is basically what you hear and you can generally get the idea of what she is saying.

No one will ever tell me what causes this or what her particular issue is. I just feel lost and don't know what to do!!!

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