45+ Adverbs for Speech Therapy Practice

45+ Adverbs for Speech Therapy Practice

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sleep soundly

run quickly

yell loudly

dance fast

fall hard

smile cheerfully

see clearly

drive slowly

eat quietly

flash brightly

whisper softly

answer honestly

act crazily

stop completely

fit exactly

bought cheaply

tap lightly
wait impatiently

shut tightly

knock loudly

bathe daily

peek carefully

stand proudly

smile awkwardly

talk softly

run swiftly

draw magnificently

call frequently

sew steadily

step wisely

act kindly

dive deep

jump high

fold neatly

look closely

push effortfully

eat wildly

look vigorously

ask politely

watch intently

move slowly

paint evenly

talk privately

wrap individually

sigh wearily

help willingly

hugged tightly

start promptly

dropped purposefully

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This list of functional words was professionally selected to be the most useful for a child or adult who has difficulty with this language principle.

We encourage you to use this list when practicing at home.

Home practice will make progress toward meeting individual language goals much faster.

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are only able to see students/clients 30-60 mins (or less) per week. This is not enough time or practice for someone to strengthen their understanding of this important language concept.

Every day that your loved one goes without practice it becomes more difficult to help them. 

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We know life is busy , but if you're reading this you're probably someone who cares about helping their loved one as much as you can.

Practice 5-10 minutes whenever you can, but try to do it on a consistent basis (daily).

Please, please, please use this list to practice.

It will be a great benefit to you and your loved one's progress.

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