Address minor tongue tie or leave it alone?

by CM

My daughter is 10 yrs old. She is going through some orthodontic treatments for crowded teeth (spacers for now, braces later). Her dentist says she has a tongue tie and wants to have it surgically corrected. He says it can later lead to her gums pulling away from her teeth?
I'm a hesitant because it seems so minor. She can stick out her tongue, lick her lips, touch the roof of her mouth with her tongue, etc. There is no speech issues, no issues at all with it currently.
The dentist insists there are no side effects aside from a couple days of discomfort, and no chance it could change her speech. But it seems like we are messing with the tongue motion, so I would think there is possibility that cutting it could cause a temporary speech impediment. And why do that if nothing is currently wrong?
Am I worrying for nothing? Should I have it done?

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