19 Month Old - Not Talking

My 19 month old grandson had about 10 words when he was 12 months old. At 19 months old - he barely speaks.

The only word we can "make him" say is "Ta" (before giving him things). He can hear OK - hears helicopters, birds planes outside.

But only uses Daddy, star, eyes, dark, down and Orion (a type of plane) but thats about it.

If you ask him what something is he wont tell you, but will point out objects in a book if you catch him in the right mood. He has only once said his name - when I caught him unawares.

We read to him often, and he gets heaps of one on one. He also says a lot of very infantile words like da, goo. His sister was speaking in 4 words sentences at this age.

I know he's a boy, but I'm getting a bit worried as he is making no progress.


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Feb 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

What is your question, then?

Are you asking if he should be evaluated? Maybe, maybe not. How do the parents feel?

They are the ones who would make that decision, after all. You are absolutely right, you cannot compare siblings, especially not a boy and a girl.

Some children make slow steady progress on speech and language skills; others show big leaps after long periods where it seems like nothing is happening.

My own child had about 10 words by his first birthday. On his second birthday, he also had 10 words. By the time he was 2 and a half, he had about a million! :)

No harm is likely to come from your grandchild having an evaluation. However, he may or may not be developmentally ready to participate in structured therapy.

Language therapy is not "magic" and young children his age learn language by having it encouraged in his natural environment.

It sounds like that is happening. An SLP may be able to provide further suggestions for enhancing what you and his parents are already doing.

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